How much should the dog drink ?

Dog hydration is a subject that deals with the amount of water that should be consumed by an average-sized dog in a day. 
A dog needs to drink water every day, as dogs can die from dehydration very easily. A healthy, active adult dog should drink around 2–3 cups of fresh water per day. Younger or older dogs might need less and overweight or sedentary dogs might need more - but it's never too much for any dog to have access to clean, fresh drinking water.
There is no scientific evidence to support the specific amount of water that should be given to a dog per day. The best thing to do is measure the amount of water your dog drinks, and then adjust the amount you provide accordingly. If the dog consumes almost all of his water supply, then more will need to be provided. 
The main reason for dogs drinking so much is due to their bodies being made up mostly of water (75%). Dogs are made up of about 60% muscle tissue and 40% fat, and it is this combination that makes them massively stron

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