Why its important to play with your dog?

Just as playtime for puppies teaches them about relationships and socialization, having a bit of fun with your dog shows them that you care. Playing gives your dog one-on-one undivided attention, which helps them feel like a special part of your life. Coordinated play also increases the trust and understanding your dog has for you.playing with your dog gives him much needed energy in his day our dogs spend a great day indoors and out doors .when your dog is done playing, they will sleep more soundly and wake up feeling rested and relaxed . Playing with your dog improves his mental when dogs playing with us their brain releases positive endorphins that creat the happiness, to making your dog feel good ,have a positive energy and its improve the CCD (canine congnitive decline) . No matter what your dog's age activity level or physical ability play is important. Don't forget that . Your dog's favorite high value treats and having fun

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