Dognex Automatic Ball Launcher

$149.90 $279.90


Don't worry. Dognex Automatic Ball Launcher with be doing it for you! This toy will keep your dog active for hours

 Perfect Training Machine 

Keep your dog happy and healthy when you have to be away from them. Now you don't have to feel guilty because they will have so much fun with their new toy and it will keep them busy!

Challenging Play Time

Dognex Automatic ball launcher stimulates dog's minds by challenging them to learn something new, while strengthening the bond between dogs and their humans.

 Cant Stay Home?

your dog needs a lot of care and fun time! dont feel guilty about being out , Our Automatic ball launcher will keep him satisfied

Easy To Teach

Grab your dog attention to learn how the machine works using his favourite snacks!

Launch Distance Adjustable

Our automatic Ball Launcher Machine has an option between launching 3m, 6m, and also 9m. This is as easy as a click of a button.

Package Content

1x Automatic Ball Launcher
3x Mini tennis balls
1x Adapter
1x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jenna Quivers
Fun and addictive

This is a brilliant game for my puppy we use it in the house and also in the garden too. Worth the price label. Powerful enough for my puppy training too

Maggie Walters
I recommend

I bought it. It was a gift for my brother's dog, and great!!!
Both the dog and my brother are delighted!
By the third release, the dog has learned to use it alone.
The product arrived in perfect condition and on the estimated date!
Really, a wonder!!!

David Faye
Love it!

I loved it!!! It's totally as I imagined, and my puppy already knows how it works jjj thanks! I recommend it 100%

Angelina Dubuqe
Fantastic, Hours of fun!

Amazing. Loads of fun. These have been around for ages the first versions $200. Then the cheaper models like this one came out for £149 plus discounts or thereabouts. Now, with the virus and not walking dogs I decided to get one. And SO much fun.
I'll try and add video.
Ultimately, works out the box, easy to use, dogs love it. We love it. No brainer to get one.
Only had it 2 days so cant comment on durability.
Definitely check for the small or large dog version.

Janya srozecki
Great fun at a reasonable price!

Purchased this for my little dog, it was the cheapest of its type that I could find, and I think its great!!! Very easy to use, the ball hurtles down my hallway at a good pace, and after initial sceptism, my little dog found it great fun! Just got to get him to drop the ball into it to make it work, instead of putting his nose in it to set the sensor off, before running to the front of it to wait for the ball that isnt there to come hurtling out...!! It was well worth the money, hopefully it will give me and my little dog lots of fun for a lot of years!!

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